Image by Jonas Seaman

Image by Jonas Seaman

I’m a huge fan of the things we take for granted. 

Let me explain. 

Every day the people we love near and dear display quirks that make them unique and in part, play into the story of your life. Your sister crinkles her nose a certain way when she’s not sure about something, your dad’s eyes glisten when he’s got a good idea, your significant other rubs their thumb back and forth across the back of your hand when they’re talking to you. Do we notice these things all the time? No, not really.

But, what happens when we catch it with our i-phone, a poloroid, or on video?  Memories happen. They’re a reminder of the people we love so near and dear - they make us feel good. 

So, when we work together I will be documenting the narrative of your day. We’ll be friends, I’ll be capturing the nose crinkles, the eye glistens, and the thumb rubs. 

Plus, I can also tell a killer dad joke and am always down a dance party.

Think we may work well together? Lets talk.

I’ll buy coffee.