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The Girl Behind the Glass: Sleep Deprevation

" Who said Nights were for Sleeping?"

It's been a little while since i've truly spent some time on this blog.  I promise it's for good reason. This wedding season has been truly so amazing, and so incredibly rewarding - i have no words to describe how privileged and humbled i have felt for every single moment. Every day I fight the feeling of unworthiness and remember to keep pushing forward.  Between destination weddings and commercial work, i have been absolutely out of my mind trying to keep up with, and meet, my own ridiculously high standards.

So here i sit, one week before a three week stint out of state, hugging myself in my office chair and holding on as tight as i can so that i don't burst into a million little pieces. 

I haven't really slept and i'm pretty certain my diet has boiled down to protein shakes and way too much coffee. But i can confidently say there is no place else and nothing else i would rather be doing in the world right now and i owe everything to god, the people in my life who inspire me daily, and to my amazing clients. I would be nothing with out any of you. 

I'm going to quit rambling, as i said before - i'm sleep deprived- and i think that just maybe, i might actually try to ease my mind a little earlier this evening.

So, to hold you over, here's a sneak peak at what the past couple months have brought me. Stay tuned, friends. There are some very cool projects brewing.




thanks for all the love.


- s