robert milne

The Girl Behind the Gloss: In memorium.

"Keep it simple, Light It Beautifully, and you've got a winner everytime."

                         - Robert Milne.



A few months ago, the photographic community lost a truly special individual. His name was Robert Milne and he was not only my college professor, but a huge part of why i am sitting here, writing in this blog i have created today.

Truthfully, i started this blog post back in November just a week or so after he died - but just couldn't finish it. So here i am, two and a half months later, still feeling the sting and emptiness of his empty office, completing my assignment. It had been a little while since i had really shot anything in the studio portfolio -wise (about a year, to be exact) and the week that he passed on, it was the only thing i could think of to feel better. I was cried out, and exhausted from insomnia - so i started shooting, and boy i was truly beyond rusty. But in some way he helped me get through it, i remembered the conversations we would have as i cried uncontrollably in his office. He always gave the best advice. 

His daughter lost a father, his siblings lost a brother, and his students lost an incredible mentor.  I feel incredibly privileged to have learned from him. He left a legacy and impacted so many lives.  A stern man, with a love for dogs, good food, and beautiful flowers. 

So, here's to you Robbie.