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The Girl Behind the Glass: 2015; A retrospective.

'A lot can change in a year'.

It's been so long since i've actually published a blog post i'm not even sure where to start. But, it's important to start somewhere, so i'll start here. I've been sitting and meditating on what i've wanted to say in this post that could possibly culminate all of my experiences in 2015 but no combination of vowels and consonants seem like it will fit quite right. Frankly, i don't think any words will ever be able to bring you the taste, texture, and emotion of everything that has happened over the last 365 days. So, for the most part, i will let my images do the talking. 

 48 hours ago the earth made one more rotation and the sun came up, the ball dropped, people kissed,  and - in theory - in everyone's minds - the waves of 2016 rose up, crashed down, and wiped the shattered debris that 2015 had left behind on the sand, carrying them away never to be seen again.  

The air is buzzing with excitement with a new year ahead full of new possibilities and new experiences. 2015, just as any other year, has been a year of change. Of extreme happiness, and of extreme disappointment. A quest for balance, a search to dig deeper into self discovery, and an amazing growth for this little baby business of mine. I fell in deep in love, and consequently, came crashing and burning right back out of it. I lost friends and peers in death while at the same time welcoming new babies into this world with pure joy and a heart bursting. I've laughed and screamed, and cried, and have gone back to the drawing boards more times than i would like to count.  

I do all of this with the full knowledge that it's going to happen all over again in some form when the calendar turns.  I think we all do.  Simply because the show must go on. We're still breathing.  And, even though life is full of uncertainties, the best we can all do is stand on the edge, right before we are about to take that leap of faith, and start searching the wind for the larger fragments of our hearts and souls; collect them piece by piece, and have hope that we can use them to build something even stronger and sturdier than before.

So, thank you to all of my amazing couples that will sign up to adventure with me and allow me to create for them. My gratitude for this life i get to lead is so overwhelming that sometimes i just don't even have the right words. Sometimes i don't believe it's real. So Thank you. To past and future clients. To the people in my life. To my peers that constantly refine me and humble me: I would be nothing without your trust and support. This little business would be nowhere if it weren't for any of you. I am eternally grateful.   

In one of my very first blog posts, i talked about decisive moments. Those often times, miniature (sometimes not) forks in the road that we come to. We encounter them all day, every day. And i have to ask myself right now - What do i choose today? What do i choose from this day forward?

I choose hope.

I choose love. I choose patience. I choose to keep chasing light. To keep telling stories in imagery. I choose gratitude and to make memories.  Humility. I choose my faith. I choose to push harder now than i ever have before and most of all, I choose to embrace that uncertainty instead of trying to control it (way easier said than done). In short, i'm choosing to take another leap and trust that somewhere along the line, the wind will put me exactly where i need to be and i will land on solid ground (even if it's not necessarily on my feet right away).

Until then, i bring you my favorite 2015 moment through my eyes - personal, and commissioned - In no particular order. 



As for me , i'm off to shoot another wedding.

Skyler + Melody, i'm coming for you.

stay tuned. 


- S