Lacie + John: Love at Alderbrook

How do I even begin to describe documenting a wedding for two people - two families - that have already been together for a lifetime? 

I'll try my best.

The room was buzzing with excitement and familiarity - insults and witty snap backs flew through the air with ease, children (cousin's, to be exact) bobbed and weaved through the bridal suite and whatever tv show they were watching was making muffled sounds in the background. 

Laughter, then tears, then laughter, then more tears. 

Even though they've already been family for years and have already proved that for better or for worse, they really were sticking together; Lacie and John finally made it text book official with their babies standing at the altar with them.  .. and ran off to Mexico, as any newlywed couple would.


want more? Don't worry, it's coming.

Stay tuned.

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