Tacoma Hilltop: A day in the life

It's taken me a while to put this session up on my blog. I think maybe too long considering the littlest one in these images has now taken her first steps and is moving just as fast as her sister. But, they say better late than never right?

I've said it numerous times but i'm going to say it again: Family is complex and fascinating. It's strong and it's soft all at the same time. We grow older and sometimes want to rip our hair out and deny the fact that any of these people could possibly be related to us - especially when disappointments come into play. But then we will  do something exactly like our mother or father would do just by sheer force of genetics and it will make us stop and laugh and hopefully make think of good days and memories. Just like the gallery of images below. 

Starting 2018 I will be adding and truly pursuing Day in the Life Sessions and Slice in the life sessions along side my standard family portraiture sessions . There are so many time's in life where I've wished there was some fly on the wall recording a precious moment that happened so I could keep it tucked away and safe forever. These moments cannot be forced and there are only so many things that can be captured in an hour session. It won't always be pretty and perfect but that's life, and with those moments often comes hilarity, happiness, and resolution.  And who wouldn't want to remember that?

So, I give you my very first Day in the life blog post with Liz, Judd, Sanelle, and Arlo.



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- S