The Girl Behind the Glass: Twenty Sixteen, In Sixty Images.

I’m going to start this off with saying i’ve been slacking on this little photo blog of mine. Ironically, this is how i also started off last years post so, in hopes that i may actually follow through this time around, perhaps if i were to make any resolution this year it would be to update this blog on a more frequent basis.

It’s New Years Eve and currently i am sitting at my desk wrapped in far too many blankets convinced that it was nowhere near this cold last winter. But, thats the thing. We forget. We all get lost in that beautiful glow of summer and the teasing winds of fall,  and forget the harsh winter past and before we know it, here we are. Wrapped in blankets or bundled in twenty different layers and complaining about the temperature (while secretly loving the bite in the air). And, i can suspect that just as well forget about how quickly the weather turned the year before, we will all soon forget little elements from the past year that maybe weren’t our favorite, and go into tomorrow refreshed, and ready for the sun. 

 Tonight friends will get together, relationships will enter a new phase, new relationships will form, champagne will flow, and most everyone will eagerly await for the clock to hit 11:59:50. Then the ten second count down will begin. The new year will come. So, in true romantic and nostalgic fashion, amidst prepping for a wedding tomorrow, an amazing destination wedding in Mexico in the coming weeks, and getting my taxes together - i found myself digging through my archives from the past 365 days - looking for small memories that made 2016 go by so quickly.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet this time around. I don’t think i have the capacity to put down in words all of the growing pains i experienced in 2016. But i will say this: They were beautiful and i wouldn’t trade them for anything. i looked for love in all the wrong places, gained new mentors, stretched my work in ways i didn’t think i could, discovered a piece of myself while wandering the streets of Barcelona, photographed my first wedding in Italy, lost beautiful people in death, and gained brilliant people in friendship. I welcomed five babies and went to the mountains, and came alive in New York City ; spent more time in prayer than i ever have before. Downsized and moved out of my office and brought my work home again, and learned that even when you feel like you have no sacrifices left to make, even when you feel completely empty and think you have nothing in your reserve tanks, if you ask for it, you can be given power beyond what is normal  - you can push deeper. 

So i did. And i will. And i know we are all built to heal and to make it through.

With out further delay, i present to you my 2016 (in no particular order, of course).