Emily + Andre : Kauai Love

What can i even say about this wedding in one of the most beautiful places i have ever traveled?

I could talk about the setting: Kauai, on Poi Pu beach, or, i could tell you about the amazing dress and suit my bride and groom were wearing (thank you Free People and Nordstrom Men) or, i could tell you about Emily and Andre.

In fact,  I think i will tell you about them. They met on a mountain in Oregon,  fell in love in Hawaii, lived together in Europe for a few months, and came back to get married on a small beach in Kauai officiated by her sister and surrounded by only family. 

The island smelled like a garden, the couple looked devine, and the love was overwhelming. 

Short and sweet, just like this amazing trip.


Location: Kauai, HI

Dress: Free People

Suite: Nordstrom Men

Hair/Makeup:  done by me (i know right?!)



- S