Mackenzie + Matt: LA Anniversary


I feel like today is a more than appropriate day to blog these two amazing people. 

It's another stereotypical drizzly gray day in Seattle and if i sit close enough to my space heater and stare hard enough at these photos, i can almost feel the golden California sun on my skin.

These photos were special. They marked five years of Mackenzie and Matt being married. I still remember their beautiful wedding (i was a guest at this one, shocking, yeah?) and was totally flattered when she asked me to come out and document and reflect how they have grown as a couple. 

So, we packed a nice picnic basket and, with champagne in tow, headed to Huntington beach to spend the evening together. 

If you're in the PNW right now, you may just want to sit by your heater and look at these too. It's good for the soul.


- S