the girl behind the glass - defining moments


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I grew up in a small town.

The kind of town where every store owner knows you, and you could rarely get away with lying to your parents about where you were the night before (chances are, somebody's brother's- aunt's- sister's- cousin saw you where you weren't supposed to be and ratted you out).  It was in this small, eclectic town that i got my early exposure to the arts.  First there was dance, music, drawing, sowing - you name it, i did it (and most of them i still do). Then.. then one day when i was nine, i got bored at home. I'm an only child, so i got to spend a lot of alone time nosying through my parents things at our house. And that was it: that was my defining moment, that day was when i found my calling. I am here now, sitting in my favorite apartment, writing this very blog, because of that one little slice of time. I found my dad's Canon AE-1 - and the minute i started using it everything made sense - everything still makes sense (at least when I'm shooting). I found my looking glass, my passageway into an alternate universe, and gained the ability to freeze time - if even for only 1/125 of a second.
 So here i am, sixteen years later, a college degree under my belt, armed with passion and a killer business sense (thanks to some of the best people in the business that i have had the privilage of being taught by) and always thirsting for new places, new things, new experiences, and ways to never stop growing and learning my craft. The minute i stop evolving my work and bettering myself and it, is the minute i should put the camera down and never think of it again. I can assure you this will never happen. I don't even know if retiring is a real thing for someone like me but i'm sure glad i have a ways before i have to figure it out. So i leave you with these wise words that i think of often:

"there are only the pursuing, the pursued, the busy, and the tired"