seattle wedding photographer: Jake + Lauren

Jake + Lauren


These two, i tell you - they kill me.

It's pretty obvious that i'm a people person. But this engagement shoot hit way closer to home. That blue-eyed boy is the closest thing to a brother i could have with out being being biologically related to me. We have home movies together as small children, i was practically raised in his house. I have to admit, sometimes it's much easier to shoot people that you've just gotten to know than to shoot people that you know like the back of your hand. But that's just it. I know Jacob, and I know Lauren - and I know Jake and Lauren, but that day i really got to take a deeper glance at their love. My favorite thing in the world is watching the light and complete happiness in a couples eyes when they really love each other - and i never really understood until i spent these couple of hours with Jake and Lauren just how in love they really are. I was experiencing mixtures of excitement with my photographs and a slight feeling of nausea telling my "little brother" to kiss his girl in front of me. The rolling theme between us during the whole shoot was "never speak of this again!". But we got through it - and even though it was one of the foggiest days Seattle has ever seen (safe to say, we gave San Fran a run for their money), we didn't let it stop us. And eventually, the light came in - figuratively and literally. So, here's your sneak peak everyone: