Oh goodness, I'm terrible at talking about myself.

But okay, I'll give it a little whirl.  My name is Sahara (sah-har-rah) but, any desert name will do.  Currently I live in a tiny apartment in Seattle that i like to call mission control. My love of people, cultures, and this beautiful creation we live on has moved me to push and take my work internationally and i enjoy making new friends whenever, and wherever i can.  I've been in the photo industry for a little over six years now and still enjoy working on commercial projects, as well as commissioned weddings and portrait sessions. 

Every day we make tiny little choices and small expressions that shape the way our day will go, and tiny little ripples go into our next day . Every day is full of it's trials, and it's errors; happiness, sadness;ebbs and flows. We look at the people closest to us frequently and wish they could only see themselves in the light that we see them in. Some moments we wish could last forever.

That's where i come in. To capture those moments, to bring the story to life- even if it's only 1/1000th of a second of a moment. One fraction of time could have the power to bring a story back to mind for decades and i feel nothing but privileged to be invited into homes and lives to bring these tiny choices and expressions to life, to be told over and over again through time.

I look forward to meeting you.


- s