Hi, i’m Sahara.

I’m a Seattle based wedding and portrait photographer, pleased to meet you.


Currently I reside in a neighborhood somewhere in the north part of the city with my husband and our numerous plant children. I have a deep love for all things literature, traveling, hunting for the cities best cheeseburger, and as of late I’ve re-discoverd the magic of cookbooks. So when I’m not photographing you will most likely find me in the kitchen, turning a page with one hand and sauteeing food in a pan with the other.

My love for making images started early in life. Somewhere in the late 90’s I was rummaging around my parents closet and came across a dusty canon AE-1. I quickly picked it up, and starting documenting every moment of life that I could. For the four years I walked the halls of South Whidbey High School the darkroom had a hand written sign that said “SAHARA’S OFFICE” on it. I often skipped class to hand develop black and white film and then eagerly print contact sheets so I could decide what image to work on next, I constantly smelled like darkroom chemicles and my jeans never stood a chance. Even though I went on to graduate in the commercial photography field where most of the work is digital - to this day that little 35mm film camera and I have yet to be separated. I don’t take him out as often as I would like, but he still sits on my desk every day as a reminder of where I came from.