Inspired by Light

PNW Italian, Light Chaser, Life Documenter, Coffee Enthusiast, Traveler

My love for making images started early in life. Somewhere in the late 90's I was rummaging around my parents closet and came across a dusty canon AE-1, picked it up, and starting documenting every moment of life that I could. To this day that little 35mm film camera and I have yet to be separated. Even though I don't take him out as often as I would like, he still sits on my desk every day as a reminder of where I came from.

I am an avid reader, a writer by hobby, and am constantly on the hunt for both the best espresso and burger in town (weird combo, right?), no matter what city I find myself in.

 My word has been and will always be "Passion".  I do my best to translate this when making images and living life. 

Maybe your mom is brushing the hair out of her face just-so while your father takes a moment to steal a glance. Perhaps someone you love is nervously twiddling their thumbs or grasping your hands tightly in theirs. These are the little things we all take for granted - the small memories in movement that happen and then fade away. But it's important that they stay with us, because as humans we are finite and fragile and what's here today could be gone tomorrow.  These little memories - they help paint the bigger picture of the intricate web of twists and turns that make up our lives. Collaborating and documenting these with clients is so important to me that It is my firm belief that we establish a level of friendship and trust.

So, here is my promise to you:

I am going to do everything in my power to support you through out our time together. I will make sure you are heard and feel respected, and will go to bat for you if needed. Even if it is just simply clearing the room so you can just. breathe.  

- S